Product & UX Design

I’ve been around long enough to remember when sites were made with tables and you had to fight to justify using CSS. From 2007 - 2016 I helped develop a world-class UX Research & Design team at Slice of Lime. Then I went on to lead teams to build amazing products at Pivotal Labs. These days, I'm helping make cutting edge connected products at sphero.

Most of my work is under NDA, but here’s a personal product I made to kick ass at fantasy football. I call it draftable.

It performs a lot of complicated formulas behind the scenes to create player grades and ranks. Users can compare, analyze, and rank players how they see fit to prepare for their draft.

draft board

Draftable doesn’t tell you who to draft, it provides context to make an informed decision. The front-end focuses on 3 areas: player metrics, strength of schedule, and past performance. You select 1 or more players and see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. It’s helped me finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd for the past 4 years running.

I built it on top of meteor and react.